The information code with ceramic

Número de publicación:  JP3221604 (U)

Fecha de publicación: 6 de junio de 2019

Solicitante: 株式会社カトラス, ; 有限会社マルサン宮本本店

RESUMEN: (Traducción automática del japones)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pottery with an information code which can combine traditional crafts and the latest technology and is excellent in design. SOLUTION: The ceramic with information code 1 of the present invention has a pattern formed by arranging a plurality of patterns 20 on the surface, and at least one of the plurality of patterns is replaced with an information code 30. It is characterized by If the information code is attached alone to the surface of the ceramic, the information code may not fit in with the surrounding pattern, which may cause the user to feel uncomfortable. However, if a part of a plurality of symbols is replaced with the information code as in the present invention, the information code will blend into the pattern and become familiar, so the user does not notice the information code at first glance and the entire pattern becomes comfortable I can appreciate it. [Selected figure] Figure 1

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