Transparent/translucent polycrystalline nanostructured yttria stabilized zirconia with varying colors

Autores: Casolco, S.R.|Xu, J.|Garay, J.E.
Fuente: Scripta materialia
58 (6), 516-519

We present a method for introducing light transmittance properties to polycrystalline oxide ceramics traditionally thought of as being structural ceramics, in effect producing multifunctional materials. Partially (ZrO2?3 mol.% Y2O3) and fully stabilized (ZrO2?8 mol.% Y2O3) nanostructured powders were densified using a current activated technique. The resulting materials have a grain size of 55 nm, yielding translucent materials in the partially stabilized case and highly transparent fully stabilized materials. The transparent materials vary in color from ruby to amber.

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