Treatment of urban waste water sludges by means of his appraisement for incorporation in ceramic matrix

Autores: Martinez-Garcia, C.|Teresa, C.P.M.|Iglesias, F.A.C.|Gazquez, F.C.|Navarro, J.L.N.
Fuente: DUQUE DE BRITO, P.S.; GAÑÁN GÓMEZ, J. (Eds.) Energy and Environment Engineering and Management. Uetikon-Zuerich: Trans tech, 2010. (Advanced materials research; 107)
pp. 111-116

Industrial residues generated by the modern society constitute an environmental problem and are harmful both to the health and to the environment (greenhouse effect). In addition, they can give place to leaching pollutants more concretely in the European area; it tends to the politics of them 3R, recovery, recycling and reutilization. It is, in this frame, where the present work is included. On the other hand, like result of environmental regulations, bricks of clay are going to be demanded by an increase in the insulating capacity. A way of increasing the insulating capacity of the bricks is to generate porosity in the counterfoil of clay

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