Use of chromiferous tanning waste for obtaining a chromium-oxide based product, mainly directed to the ceramic industry

Solicitante: Regoli., L.|Lemmi, L.
N. de solicitud: WO2006IT00204
N. de publicación: WO2006103713

The invention concerns the use of tanning bath waste to obtain a chromium- oxide based product for use in other industrial fields and in particular in the ceramics field, refractory materials field, and for use in pigments for glass and colorants for metallic foil. For this purpose, it is possible to use a process wherein the precipitation of a solid is induced using a reactive precipitant, the process further comprising the steps of solid/liquid separation, washing, a successive solid/liquid separation, and a drying action. If necessary, the solid can also be heated to separate residual organic impurities.

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