Wear resistance of metal oxide sol-gel coatings deposited over ceramic glazes

Autores: Galindo, R.|Gargori, C.|Cerro, S.|Badenes, J.|Monrós, G.
Fuente: DELAROSA FOS, N. (Ed.) Mechanical properties of solids 2010. (Key engineering materials; 423)
pp. 47-53

This paper analyse the wear resistance of high reflective metal oxide films of TiO2 (anatase), Fe2O3 (hematite), ZrO2 (Zirconia) and SnO2 (Casiterite) deposited by screen printing over a conventional ceramic glaze (molar composition 0,2CaO.0,15ZnO.0,05K(2)O center dot 0,1Al(2)O(3) 0,45SiO(2)center dot 0,05ZrO(2)). All oxide coatings increase the gloss of the substrate producing a lustre effect. Anatase films stand out for their high gloss valour and low roughness R-a. Likewise, all lustres improve the wear resistance of the glaze substrate. Hematite and casiterite coatings stand out for their relatively high wear resistance maintaining relatively high reflectivity

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