Dependence of ceramics physical?mechanical properties on chemical and mineralogical composition

Autores: Malaiskiene, J.|Maciulaitis, R.|Kicaite, A.
Fuente: Construction and building materials
25 (8), 3168-3174

To determine the dependence of physical?mechanical properties of ceramics on chemical and mineralogical composition, the appropriate raw materials have been tested and five batches of ceramic specimens have been formed. The aforementioned specimens have been made of the following components: fusible clay, quartz sand, chamotte, sawdust and crushed window glass. The specimens differed by the amount of the components (differences in burning regime were insignificant). After having formed and burned the specimens, their X-ray phase analysis has been carried out, elemental chemical composition has been defined and the composition of chemical oxides has been calculated. Moreover, the following physical?mechanical properties have been determined: density, general contraction and compressive strength. The test results showed that the physical?mechanical properties of ceramics mostly depend on the amount carbon, silicon and aluminum. The mineralogical structure of specimens under testing was practically unchanged.

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