Hybrid ceramic-textile composite armour structures for a strengthened bullet-proof vest

Autores: Cegła, M., Habaj, W. , Stępniak, W., Podgórzak, P.

The article presents the problem of protection against 5.7 × 28 mm SS190 projectiles with increased penetration capabilities. Due to the hybrid structure of the projectile, SS190 ammunition is a considerable danger to traditional, commonly used bulletproof vests based only on soft textile materials. A composite ballistic armour system based on small-size ceramics and fibre composites is presented as an answer to this threat. The construction of modern armour systems, the materials used and sample preparation is described. Ballistic test results of composite samples are presented by X-ray photographs. The authors also propose the possible use of these composite armour systems in personal body armour. Si desea obtener más información sobre este contenido contacte con nuestro Centro de Documentación