A mould for making a ceramic product

Solicitante: SACMI
N. de solicitud: EP20060117027
N. de publicación: EP1747866

A porous mould for making sanitaryware comprises: two half-parts joined to each other to create a product forming cavity; one of the half-parts has a first inlet opening through which respective means feed a liquid under pressure into the product forming cavity; a variable volume element located inside the cavity; second means for feeding a fluid under pressure, acting on this element and varying the volume of the element between at least two limit states, namely, a least expanded, idle state and a most expanded working state, when the forming liquid is fed in, and where the element occupies a predetermined volume of the cavity in such a way as to control the inflow of the liquid along the surfaces of the cavity; means for controlling and regulating the degree to which the element is filled and the liquid feed pressure, acting on the respective first feed means and second feed means in such a way as to correlate the feed pressures according to the extent to which the cavity has been filled by the liquid.

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