A new method to determine the Young´s modulus of refractory materials

Autores: Bilbao, E. de|Blond, E.|Michel, C.|Cutard, T.|Schmitt, N.|Poirier, J.
Fuente: Interceram
59 (1), 34-38

This paper proposes a new method to determine the Young–s modulus by menas of high temperature bending test. Considering that the globañ behavious of the experimental device and the sample is purely elastic during the unload phase and by exploiting that the effects of the indentation under the contact are lower at the beginning of the unloading, it is proposed to deduce the Young–s modulus from the slope of the unloading curve. It can be shown that the Young–s modulus for different silicon carbide (SiC) based refractory materials obtained by using this method is in good agreeement with results of other tests such as tensile test or ultrasonic measurement

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