A review on self-cleaning coatings

Autores: Anand Ganesh, V.|Hemant Kumar Raut|Sreekumaran Nair, A.|Seeram Ramakrishna
Fuente: J. Mater. Chem
21, 16304-16322

This review article summarizes the key areas of self-cleaning coatings, primarily focusing on various materials that are widely used in recent research and also in commercial applications. The scope of this article orbits around hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings, their working mechanism, fabrication techniques that enable the development of such coatings, various functions like Anti-icing, Electro-wetting, Surface switchability and the areas where selfcleaning technology can be implemented. Moreover, different characterization techniques and material testing feasibilities are also analyzed and discussed. Though several companies have commercialized a few products based on self-cleaning coating technology, much potential still remains in this field.

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