A tunnel kiln for ceramic products

Solicitante: SACMI FORNI SPA
N. de solicitud: EP20070108445
N. de publicación: EP1884730

A tunnel kiln for ceramic products comprising two opposite lateral walls, a horizontal roller conveyor destined to support and advance a layer of tiles internally of the kiln, a first series of burners and a second series of burners arranged aligned along the two lateral walls and facing towards the opposite wall, each burner of the first series being provided exclusively with an axial flame such as to heat a central zone of the tunnel while each burner of the second series is provided with at least a radial-flame nozzle such as to beat a zone which is proximal to the lateral wall of the tunnel, each burner of the first and the second series being connected to a common conduit of combustible gas and respectively to a first and a second conduit of a comburent, comprising: means for detecting a dimensional out-of-size with respect to a design project specification for the products exiting the kiln; a control unit for receiving data coming from the means for detecting; means for regulating a flow rate of the comburent to the burners of the second series on the second conduit of the comburent, the means for regulating of the comburent flow rate being controlled by the control unit which is programmed to command the means for regulating according to the data received from the means for detecting.

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