Aluminum titanate ceramic articles and methods of making same

N. de solicitud: US20050064347
N. de publicación: US2006281627

An aluminum titanate ceramic article having a predominant crystal phase of aluminum titanate and a material composition including aluminum, titanium, silica, an alkaline earth metal (e.g., at least one selected from the group of strontium, calcium, barium, or combinations), and a rare earth metal (e.g., at least one selected from the group consisting of yttrium, lanthanum, and combinations) and methods of making such aluminum titanate bodies are described. An oxide of yttrium metal or lanthanide metals is preferably used as a sintering aid in combination with the other compositional components to enable firing of the resulting green body at a lower heating temperature of less than 1500º C., and more preferably between 1400-1450º C., with a preferable hold time of less than 8 hours, more preferably of 6 to 8 hours.

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