Antimicrobial glass and method of producing antimicrobial glass

Solicitante: KOA GLASS CO., LTD
N. de publicación: US2010004111 A1

An antimicrobial glass is provided which can release a predetermined amount of silver ion rapidly for a long period of time and can provide a predetermined antimicrobial treatment repeatedly to a matter to be antibacterialized during or after washing and which is excellent in discoloration prevention effect and discriminativity, and a method for producing the same is also provided. A tabular antimicrobial glass capable of exerting an antimicrobial effect by releasing silver ions, wherein the maximum diameter (t1) is adjusted within the range of 3 to 30 mm and which contains an inorganic coloring agent as a compounded component, wherein the addition amount of the inorganic coloring agent is adjusted to a value within the range of 0.001 to 0.5% by weight to the total amount.

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