Ballistic performance of armour ceramics: Influence of design and structure. Part 1

Autores: Medvedovski, E.
Fuente: Ceram. Int.
36 (7), 2103-2115

The use of advanced ceramics for armour systems allows the defeating of the projectile and ballistic impact energy dissipation providing adequate ballistic protection. The development of lightweight and inexpensive ceramics and armour designs is under ongoing attention by both ceramic armour manufacturers and armour users. This paper summarizes the results of extensive studies of ballistic performance of different armour ceramics, mostly obtained during development, as well as of the materials manufactured by other recognized armour ceramic suppliers, and the designed ceramic-based armour systems. The studied armour ceramics include homogeneous oxide and carbide ceramics and heterogeneous ceramic materials. Composition, structure and main properties of the considered ceramics, which affect ballistic performance, are examined and analyzed. Only a combination of all relevant physical properties and microstructure, including the ability to dissipate ballistic energy, as well as optimization of manufacturing processes, should be considered for proper selection and evaluation of ceramic armour. Ballistic performance of the studied ceramics as function of their structure and properties, armour system design and type of projectile has been discussed.

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