Bio-based coating

Solicitante: Wen, B.|Zhang, P.
N. de publicación: US2011206836 A1

A bio-based coating for a building automatically transmits or reflects heat gain from infrared sunlight. The coating is composed of bio-based polymerized oil and a catalyst that is also a thermochromic material. The catalyst reduces the temperature for polymerization of the oil to create a suspension that forms a hardened mixture when cooled below about 100 degrees Centigrade. The thermochromic properties of the catalyst are operable to switch the hardened mixture from transparent to reflective of infrared light when the temperature rises above a switching temperature in an approximate range of 18 degrees Centigrade to 35 degrees Centigrade. The method of using the coating involves spraying a hot bio-based coating on the roof surface and allowing it to cool. The method of making involves heating the suspension to a reaction temperature, holding at the reaction temperature, and, introducing an air flow through the mixture at the reaction temperature.

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