Biomimetic design of materials and biomaterials inspired by the structure of nacre

Autores: Luz, G.M.|Mano, J.F.
Fuente: Philosophical transactions of the Royal society
A 367 (1893) 1587-1605

The micro-architecture of nacre (mother of pearl) has been classically illustrated as a –brick-and-mortar– arrangement. It is clear now that hierarchical organization and other structural features play an important role in the amazing mechanical properties of this natural nanocomposite. The more important structural characteristics and mechanical properties of nacre are exposed as a base that has inspired scientists and engineers to develop biomimetic strategies that could be useful in areas such as materials science, biomaterials development and nanotechnology. A strong emphasis is given on the latest advances on the synthetic design and production of nacre-inspired materials and coatings, in particular to be used in biomedical applications

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