Black ceramic pigments for porcelain tile bodies produced with chromite ores and iron oxide waste

Autores: Tanisa, B.|Turan, S.
Fuente: J. ceram. process. res.
12(4), 462-467

In this study, two different natural chromite ores and iron oxide waste from the steel rolling industry were used as less expensive alternative raw materials for the synthesis of black ceramic pigments to be used in porcelain tile bodies. The effects of chromite ore-iron oxide waste ratios and calcination temperature on the pigment properties were investigated. It was found that chromite ore with a higher Cr(2)O(3)/FeO ratio can be used to synthesise black ceramic pigments when combined with the iron oxide waste. However, their color intensity was not as strong as commercial black pigments due to the presence of other phases and impurities coming from the chromite ores. When these pigments were used in combination with commercial black pigments, the consumption of the commercial pigments can be reduced, providing cost savings for coloration of porcelain tile bodies.

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