Ceramic based bio-medical implants

Autores: Sarkar, R.|Banerjee, G.
Fuente: Interceram
59 (2), 98-102

Bioceramics are those engineered materials that are inorganic and non-metallic in nature and find applications in the field of medicine. They are distinct from metals and their alloys and organic polymers but cover non-crystalline glasses and ceramic-based composites. Bioceramic materials are used in the repair and reconstruction of diseased or damaged parts of the musculo-skeletal system. They are useful as joint or tissue replacements, as coatings to improve the biocompatibility of metal implants, as resorbable lattices which provide a temporary structure framework that is dissolved and replaced as the body rebuilds tissue and also even as a controlled drug delivery system. This paper deals mainly with three different types of biomedical implants made of ceramics, namely in the areas of hip joint femoral heads, orbital implants and bone regenerative dental applications.

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