Ceramic composition, method for producing the same, ceramic substrate and method for producing ceramic green layer

N. de solicitud: WO2008JP63633
N. de publicación: WO2009025156 A1

Disclosed is a ceramic composition which is suppressed in compositional variations after sintering, and enables to obtain a sintered body having high bending strength and high Q value in a microwave band. Specifically disclosed is a ceramic composition used for forming a ceramic layer of a multilayer ceramic substrate, which contains 47.0-67.0% by weight of SiO2, 21.0-41.0% by mass of BaO and 10.0-18.0% by weight of Al2O3, while containing 1.0-5.0 parts by weight of CeO2 as a first additive per 100 parts by weight of the total of SiO2, BaO and Al2O3, and 2.5-5.5 parts by weight of MnO as a second additive per 100 parts by weight of the total of SiO2, BaO, Al2O3, and CeO2. This ceramic composition does not substantially contain Cr. The ceramic composition may further contain at least one of Zr, Ti, Zn, Nb, Mg and Fe as a third additive, and Co and/or V as a fourth additive.

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