Ceramic floor tile paving device

N. de publicación: WO2011144003 A1

A ceramic floor tile paving device comprises a frame, a turnover mechanism, a lifting mechanism and a power system. The frame comprises a soleplate and universal wheels, a positioning end corresponding to a crank and a rocker, at the left end of the soleplate are provided with protruding platforms used for hinged connection, the middle section of the soleplate is hinged with a main cylinder, and the power system is arranged at the right end of the soleplate. The turnover mechanism comprises a connecting bar, the rocker and the crank, which are connected in sequence to form a four-bar mechanism which takes the positioning end of the crank as a shaft and is driven by the main cylinder to repeatedly overturn 180 degrees. The lifting mechanism uses an auxiliary cylinder at the bottom end of the connecting bar as a power component, wherein an extending end of a piston rod is centered and connected with a flat slab. Four to nine suckers, which are connected in series and controlled to be connected or disconnected by a valve, are uniformly distributed on the outer end surface of the flat slab.The power system comprises an air compressor and an air storage tank, and the main cylinder and the auxiliary cylinder are connected by an air supply pipe to form a pneumatic circuit. The ceramic floor tiles which are horizontally placed and to be paved overturn 180 degrees for vertical descent paving, and because the floor tiles are in contact with a substrate in parallel, the paving quality is good, the working efficiency is high and the labor intensity of workers is lowered.

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