Ceramic laminates by gelcasting

Autores: Shanti, N.O.|Hovis, D.B.|Seitz, M.E.|Montgomery, J.K.|Baskin, D.M.|Faber, K.T.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
6 (5), 593-606

Laminated ceramic composites are appealing for many applications due to their unique and customizable thermal and mechanical properties. Gelcasting is a relatively new, yet commercially proven, near-net-shape processing technique suitable for laminate production. A review of gelcasting techniques and a discussion of their application to laminate processing are provided, along with an overview of laminate design and processing concerns. Specific examples of single-phase laminates produced via gelcasting are provided, including porous/dense alumina and magnetically aligned iron titanate and barium hexaferrite structures.

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