Ceramic membranes for photocatalytic water purification

Autores: Gorokhovskii, A.V.|Tret?yachenko, E.V.|Goffman, V.G.|Shcherbakova, N.N.
Fuente: Glass Ceram.
68(5-6), 187-190

The structure and photocatalytic properties of ceramic membranes synthesized on the basis of amorphous potassium polytitanate intercalated with nickel ions have been investigated. It is shown that the phase composition of the synthesized ceramic depends on the firing temperature: at 650°C it forms from NiTiO3, TiO2 and a residual potassium titanate amorphous phase; at 850°C?NiTiO3 crystals, mainly present in the surface layer of TiO2 membranes, and a complex oxide with the composition K(Ti, Ni)O16.5, which has a hollandite structure and is present mainly in the structure of the interior layers of the ceramic.

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