Ceramic nanoparticles: what else do we have to know?

Autores: Wakamatsu, M.H.|Salomao, R.
Fuente: Interceram
59 (1), 28-33

The development of products and processes containing ceramic nanoparticles has generated novel and fascinating applications of these materials in the past decades. In addition to these excviting findings, ceramic nanoparticles tend to be highly stable. Their routes of synthesis are well known and relatively cheap. The combination of technical advantages and profuse investment in R+D increased the number of patents and publications in this area. Even more recently, since 2002, research programs based on toxicology, eco-toxicology, ethics and public perception of nanotechnologies have pointed out potential risks and impacts associated with nanotechnologies. Because of their wide employment, the ceramic nanoparticles extensively have been studied by means of these new approaches and several unexpected hazardous effects such as high toxicity and environmental persistency were observed. this paper aims to report on a critical review of some ceramic nanoparticles used as raw materials, on their synthesis, properties, applications, potentially dangerous effects as well as on the demand regulation

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