Número de publicación: RO131258 (A0)
Fecha de publicación: 29 de julio de 2016

The invention relates to a system for the display of ceramic tiles and, in particular, to a modular and individualized magnetic displaying system. According to the invention, the system for displaying ceramic tiles (10) comprises a base panel (2) having a thin metal sheet (4) applied on one side or on both sides, by means of an adhesive layer (3), which glues the thin metal sheet (4), said metal sheet (4) being provided on the side opposite to the panel with a layer (5) of anti-adherent paint and an actualization kit which comprises at least one adhesive magnetic sheet (12) for each item to be displayed and, optionally, a disassembling tool (13), and it additionally comprises a printed magnetic mark (16) produced in conformity with the customer’s requests and/or an intuitive modular pattern (14), where the adherent paint layer (5) consists of a series of layers, such as: polyethylene as a protective layer, acryl as an upper layer, polyester as a priming layer, chromium as a chemical layer and a support layer on the element (4), usually polyethylene, and the base panel (2) has the adhesive layer (3) on only one side and additionally contains a balance layer (6) of melamine opposed to the anti-adherent paint layer (5)..

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