Ceramic tiling in building façades: Inspection and pathological characterization using an expert system

Autores: Silvestre, J. D.|Brito, J. de
Fuente: Construction and building materials
25 (4), 1560-1571

In this paper a classification system of the anomalies in ceramic tiling applied to building façades and their most probable causes is proposed and a field data analysis is presented. The field work included the observation of 85 ceramic tiling systems in façades via standardized inspections. A statistical analysis of the anomalies observed during these inspections and their most probable causes is presented and the main ceramic tiling anomalies are evaluated for area affected, user disturbance and most probable causes. The interpretation of this data allowed the creation of an inventory of the measures to be implemented in the design, execution and maintenance phases, in order to prevent the occurrence of anomalies, helping the practicing engineer in his daily activity.

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