Ceramics for decorative component and decorative component for watch using the same

Solicitante: KYOCERA CORP
N. de solicitud: EP20060120791
N. de publicación: EP1767661

To provide ceramics for decorative component, which give high-grade impression, aesthetic satisfaction and mind soothing effect with golden color tone which is popular in the marketplace, and a decorative component for a watch that uses the same. The ceramics for decorative component comprise titanium nitride as a main component, nickel as the auxiliary component, and at least one kind selected from among a group of vanadium nitride, niobium nitride, tantalum nitride, molybdenum carbide, niobium carbide, tungsten carbide and tantalum carbide as an additional component, wherein the arithmetic mean height Ra of at least the decorative surface is 0.03 m or less, and the decorative surface has such a color tone that lightness index L* is in a range from 72 to 84, and chromaticness indices a* and b* are from 4 to 9 and 28 to 36, respectively, in the L*a*b* color space of CIE1976. This constitution increases the reflectivity of the decorative surface to light, and improves the luster of the color tone, thus achieving high-grade impression and aesthetic satisfaction.

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