Characterization of vitrified tile bodies with kaolinitic clay and nepheline-syenite

Autores: Vieira, C.M.F.|Monteiro, S.N.
Fuente: EPD Congress 2010 . En: TMS 2010 [Cd-rom]: collected proceedings. Warrendale: TMS, 2010.
pp. 287-292

This work has as its objective to characterize ceramic bodies for vitrified tiles elaborated with the mixture of nepheline-syenite flux and kaolinitic clay. Formulations were prepared with 0, 30 and 50 wt.% of nepheline-syenite incorporated in a kaolinitic clay. To determine the physical and mechanical properties such as dry bulk density, linear shrinkage, water absorption and flexural rupture strength, specimens were prepared by 30 MPa uniaxial pressure-molding and then fired in a laboratory furnace at 1150oC. The microstructure of the fired ceramics was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy. The results indicated that the nepheline-syenite improved the evaluated properties of the clay and attended the specifications of vitrified ceramic tiles

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