Clay-based composite stabilized with natural polymer and fibre

Autores: Galán-Marín, C.|Rivera-Gómez, C.|Petric, J.
Fuente: Construction and building materials
24 (8), 1462-1468

The research objective is the stabilization of soils with natural polymers and fibres to produce a composite, sustainable, non-toxic and locally sourced building material. Mechanical tests have been conducted with a clay soil supplied by a Scottish brick manufacture. Alginate (a natural polymer from the cell walls of brown algae) has been used as bonding in the composite. Sheep?s wool was used as reinforcement. Tests done showed that the addition of alginate separately increases compression strength from 2.23 to 3.77 MPa and the addition of wool fibre increases compression strength a 37%. The potential benefit of stabilization was found to depend on the combinations of both stabilizer and wool fibre. Adding alginate and reinforcing with wool fibre doubles the soil compression resistance. Better results were obtained with a lower quantity of wool.

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