Color toner for electro printing, and process for producing glass plate provided with ceramic color print, employing it

N. de solicitud: US20080061093
N. de publicación: US2008254268 A1

A color toner for electro printing, whereby a ceramic color print excellent in adhesion can be printed on a glass plate surface by a simple process without using a screen plate. The color toner for electro printing comprises toner matrix particles containing from 10 to 50 parts by mass of fine inorganic pigment particles, from 5 to 40 parts by mass of a heat decomposable binder resin having a disappearance temperature T100 of from 350 to 575 DEG C., and from 40 to 85 parts by mass of glass frit, per 100 parts by mass of the total solid content of the toner matrix particles.

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