Composiciones pigmentarias en base acuosa para marcado policromático de materiales inorgánicos con láser

N. de solicitud: WO2007017549
N. de publicación: 2267400

The invention comprises aqueous base pigment compositions which have been specially developed to be used for the decorative or functional marking of inorganic materials with laser such as, for example, those used in the construction and decoration industry. The invention also relates to a method of marking inorganic substrates with CO2laser and to the use of the aforementioned compositions for the marking of inorganic materials with CO2 laser. The inventive pigment compositions are based on the use of inorganic polymers as substances that are highly-absorbent of laser radiation at 10.6 µm (CO2), which are precursors of oxides that form colourless or coloured glass and which, in turn, act as a dispersing medium. According to the invention, inorganic chromophore substances are added to the pigment composition in order to obtain a large number of colours for the decorative or functional multicolour marking of inorganic materials and different metals.

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