Cost effective slurry preparation in porcelain tile production

Autores: Kucuker, A.S.|Kara, A.|Kayaci, K.|Geri, S.
Fuente: CFI, Ceram. forum int.
86 (1), E50-E52

During ceramic tile production (wall, floor and poreclain stoneware), wet milling process for the preparation of ceramic slurries is widely used. The currently preferred wet grinding machines are discontinuous and/or continuous ball mills, where grinding occurs when a particle is crushed between two pieces of grinding media. Ball milling is, however, not a cost efective method, espcially in preparation of porcelain tile slurries since finer particle size/higher surface area is required. In order to improve grinding efficiency in wet milling, new milling machines such as «agitated/stirred media mills» have already been designed and employed. In this particular study, a combination of discontinuous ball mill and agitated media mill was utilized as a cost effective way of slip preparation for porcelain tile production.

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