Dark-blue ceramic and decorative component

Solicitante: KYOCERA CORP
N. de publicación: WO2010024275 A1

A dark-blue ceramic that visually gives consumers a sense of stateliness, high quality, and aesthetic satisfaction; and a watch decorative component, a portable-terminal decorative component, a fishing-line-guide decorative component, and an everyday-item decorative component using the same. Disclosed is a dark-blue ceramic composed primarily of zirconia that contains a stabilizer, and wherein the aluminum oxide content is 1% to 30% by mass, the cobalt oxide content is 0.5% to 5% by mass, and the content of chromium oxide, nickel oxide, or iron oxide is no more than 1% by mass (but not 0% by mass). The resulting dark-blue color provides a strong sense of stateliness that, when used for decorative purposes, can give consumers a sense of high quality and aesthetic satisfaction.

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