Dependence of porcelain whiteness on technological factors and structural particulars of the material

Autores: Rusovich-Yugai, N.S.|Neklyudova, T.L.
Fuente: Glass Ceram.
68 (3-4), 107-111

The interrelations of the properties (whiteness and color) and structure of porcelain and technological factors are examined. The results of the investigation demonstrate the possibility of regulating the whiteness indicators of porcelain by using high-quality raw material, additions of mineralizers, and optimal firing regimes. The use of different methods for determining the whiteness and color of porcelain permits evaluating the effect of technological factors on the formation of the coloristic characteristics of a material. It is determined that the whiteness values determined for porcelain with the Spekol and Pul?sar spectrophotometers could be correlated with one another.

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