Determining the specific surface area of ceramic foams: the tetrakaidecahedra model revisited

Autores: Inayat, A.; Freund, H.; Zeiser, T.; Schwieger, W.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 66(6), 1179-1188, 2011

Silicon carbide foams were characterized with respect to their specific surface area as well as their morphological parameters including strut diameter, window diameter and open porosities. Image analysis, computed tomography, He-pycnometry and mercury intrusion were used for characterization purposes. State-of-the-art correlations (based on different geometrical models for foam structures) for the estimation of the specific surface area were applied and evaluated. Based on the tetrakaidecahedron geometry and different strut morphologies of the foams, new correlations for the specific surface area were developed and successfully validated by comparison with both, own and external experimental data. With the new correlations it is possible to estimate the specific surface area of ceramic foams by using only two measured parameters, namely the window diameter and the open porosity.

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