Direct patterning of nanostructured ceramics from solution-differences from conventional printing and lithographic methods

Autores: Yoshimura, M.|Gallage, R.
Fuente: Journal of solid state electrochemistry
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We have proposed an innovative concept and technology, «soft processing or «soft solution processing, which aims at low energetic (environmentally benign) fabrication of shaped, sized, located, and oriented ceramic materials by chemical reactions in or from solutions. By activating or stimulating those reactions locally and/or moving the reaction point dynamically, we can obtain patterned ceramic films directly in solution without any postheating, masking, or etching. Using those «direct patterning concepts and technologies, we have developed methods for direct patterning of CdS, PbS, and CaWO4 on paper substrates by ink-jet reaction at RT and TiO2 patterning on a glass substrate by ink-jet deposition at <573 K. Furthermore, we have succeeded in fabricating a BaTiO3 pattern by a laser beam-assisted process and a carbon pattern by a needle electrode, directly in solutions at ambient temperatures and pressures

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