Effect of nano iron oxide as an additive on phase and microstructural evolution of Mag-Chrome refractory matrix

Autores: Azhari, A.|Golestani-Fard, F.|Sarpoolaky, H.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
29 (13), 2679-2684

Nano iron oxide, up to 8 wt.%, was added to Mag-Chrome refractory matrix through stirring in ultrasonic bath in an alcohol media. The phase and microstructure of samples heated up to 1650 °C were studied by XRD and SEM/EDS respectively. It was found out that the formation of magnesioferrite spinel was encouraged at lower temperatures in the presence of nano iron oxide. The dissolution of iron oxide and ionic migration improved the sintering process in the matrix of the refractory. The presence of nano iron oxide also influenced the bonding structure in a way that direct bonding was enhanced while silicate bonding was hindered.

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