Número de publicación: WO2015181646
Fecha de publicación: 3 de diciembre de 2015
Solicitante: SITI – B&T GROUP S.P.A.

An assembly (1) for ejecting a mould of a press for making a ceramic product, for example a ceramic tile and the like, comprises plurality of jacks (3) fixed to a plate (2) of the mould; each jack (3) has a stem (4) that thrusts on a movable part of the mould intended for ejecting the ceramic product after it has been made inside the mould; for moving the stem (4), each jack (3) comprises a motor (9) that is autonomous and independent from the motors (9) of the other jacks (3) and a transducer of the stem (4) position that provides a signal of the stem (4) position; the transducers are connected to a control unit (13) which provides, on the basis of the signals received from the transducers, the power supply to the motor (9) of each jack (3), controlling that the stem (4) of each jack (3) is moved in a completely independent manner in terms of position, peak speed, displacement dynamics, acceleration ramps and intervention times.Centro de Documentación