Elasticity and strength of partially sintered ceramics

Autores: Xiaoxing Liu|Martin, C. L.|Delette, G.|Bouvard, D.
Fuente: Journal of mechanics and physics of solids
58 (6), 829-842

A discrete element model for the elastic and fracture behavior of partially sintered ceramics is presented. It accounts for the granular character of the material when a large amount of porosity (typically >0.2?0.4) is left after sintering. The model uses elastic force-displacement laws to represent the bond formed between particles during sintering. Bond fracture in tension and shearing is accounted for in the model. Realistic numerical microstructures are generated using a sintering model on random particle packings. In particular, packings with fugitive pore formers are used to create partially sintered microstructures with large pores. The effective elastic response and the strength of these microstructures are calculated in tension and compression. The link between important microstructural features such as bond size or coordination number and macroscopic behavior is investigated. In particular, it is shown that porosity alone is not sufficient to account for the mechanical properties of a partially sintered material.

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