Enamel for ceramic tiles, method for preparing same, and method for enamelling the tiles

N. de solicitud: WO2007ES00196
N. de publicación: WO2008122677

The enamel is formed exclusively from components of organic nature, formulated from mixtures of resins. The mixture of these resins is extruded, ground and sieved, until small particles are obtained, which can be diluted in polyglycol or applied dry, in the first case by means of serigraphy or screen enamelling, and in the second case using an electrostatic gun, serigraphy or smoothing. Both methods achieve a coating for ceramic tiles, after thermal curing, which compared to the rigidity, hardness and heat absorbency of standard vitrified tiles based on inorganic components, offers greater warmth, elasticity and thermal insulation, and in particular a ‘hot’ touch sensation.

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