Extruder optimisation for the extrusion of ceramic bodies

Autores: Roters, J.
Fuente: CFI, Ceram. forum int.
84, 30

The optimisation of extruders for the ceramics industry through adjusting the geometry of augers and liners can improve performance and increase the efficiency of plants. Prior to optimisation, the main processing parameters, such as column rate, auger speed and energy consumption, as well as the pressure and temperature gradients of the plants, have to be collected and recorded, since they help to determinate the extruder efficiency. A special measuring device developed for this purpose can record data during production without affecting plant operations. The aims to be achieved are defined in cooperation with the customer. In many cases, performance specifications primarily require the improvement of pressed articles as well as increased efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption. Following the optimisation of the extruder, the processing parameters achieved can be recorded with the same measuring device and thus compared with the parameters recorded prior to optimisation.

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