Fabrication of anatase precipitated glass-ceramics possessing high transparency

Autores: Masai, H.|Toda, T.|Takahashi, Y.|Fujiwara, T.
Fuente: Applied physics letters
94 (15), 51910-51910

Transparent anatase precipitated glass-ceramics were fabricated using ZnO as a component. The particle size of precipitated anatase is several nanometers enough to possess high transparency. The preparation of the Bi-free transparent TiO2 glass-ceramic was attained by substitution of two different kinds of oxides for bismuth oxide. It is also noteworthy that we have demonstrated the crystallization of metastable anatase in the glass-ceramics as a main phase. The present bulk anatase glass-ceramics will open up an application field for a TiO2-containing photocatalyst

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