Fabrication of nano-scaled patterns on ceramic thin films and silicon substrates by soft ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography

Autores: Jim, K.L.|Lee, F.K.|Xin, J.Z.|Leung, C.W.|Chan, H.L.W.|Chen, Y.
Fuente: Microelectronic engineering
87 (5-8), 959-962

Soft ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography is a cost-effective and versatile technique for the transfer of nanoscaled patterns to various surfaces. Here, we report on the fabrication of sub-micron square pillar arrays in epitaxial Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 ceramic films, using a combination of nanoimprint lithography and inductively coupled plasma etching techniques. Based on a similar approach we have also succeeded in preparing positive (direct) and negative (inverse) replicas of silicon master molds. Such a generic process could find application in various materials.

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