Facile Fabrication of Colored Superhydrophobic Coatings by Spraying a Pigment Nanoparticle Suspension

Autores: Ogihara, H.|Okagaki, J.|Saji, T.
Fuente: Langmuir
27(15), 9069-9072

Superhydrophobic coatings were prepared by spraying a pigment nanoparticle suspension. By changing the type of pigment nanoparticles, the colors of the coating could be controlled. The particle size of the pigments, which determines the surface structure of the coatings, played an important role in exhibiting superhydrophobicity. The spray-coating process is applicable to a variety of materials (e.g., copper, glass, paper, coiled wire, and tied thread), and the superhydrophobicity was repairable.

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