Far infrared emitting nano glaze

Solicitante: Tsai, J.H.
N. de publicación: US7754345

A far infrared emitting nano glazed comprised of a mixture of 35~65% solvent, 1~35% solubilizing agent, 0~25% refractory agent but not including 0%, 0.1~5% adhesive agent, 0.5~30% far infrared powder, and 0.5~10% nano material, added with water to be ground into a solution with of 350+-20 g/200 cc concentration and 200~325 mesh fineness; then applied to surface of ceramic body or biscuit and then sintered at 1120 DEG C.~1350 DEG C. into a finished ceramic product provided with far infrared function and nano characteristics to maintain clean, bright and attractive surface, antibiotic and activate the substance contained therein.

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