Fast firing of tiles containing paper mill sludge, glass cullet and clay

Autores: Maschio, S.|Furlani, E.|Tonello, G.|Faraone, N.|Aneggi, E.|Minichelli, D.|Fedrizzi, L.|Bachiorrini, A.|Bruckner, S.
Fuente: Waste management
29 (11), 2880-2885

The paper describes results obtained in the development of a previous research. We study here, in fast firing, the sintering behaviour and measure some properties of tiles containing a mixture of 60 wt% of paper mill sludge and 40 wt% of glass cullet. The behaviour of this material is compared to those displayed by materials obtained by the same mixture added with 10, 20 and 30 wt% of a natural red clay. In parallel, the same properties are measured also on a reference blend, which is presently used to produce commercial tiles. We show that powders containing 60 wt% of paper sludge and 40 wt% of glass cullet to which 30 wt% of clay is added give rise to materials that display a stable sintering process and have good hardness and strength and therefore could be used for the industrial production of tiles.

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