Fluorescent ceramic and fabrication method thereof

N. de solicitud: EP20050736224
N. de publicación: EP1753705

The present invention relates to a fluorescent ceramic having the general formula Gd2O2S doped with M, whereby M represents at least one element selected form the group Ce, Pr, Eu, Tb, Yb, Dy, Sm and/or Ho, whereby said fluorescent ceramic comprises a single phase in its volume; to a method for manufacturing a fluorescent ceramic using single-axis hot pressing; a detector for detecting ionizing radiation and to a use of said detector for detecting ionizing radiation. The method for manufacture of a fluorescent ceramic material using a single-axis hot pressing, comprises the steps: a) selecting a pigment powder of Gd2O2S doped with M, and M represents at least one element selected from the group of Eu, Tb, Yb, Dy, Sm, Ho, Ce and/or Pr, whereby the grain size of said powder used for hot-pressing is of 1 mum, and said hot-pressing is carried out at – a temperature of 1000 DEG C to 1400 DEG C; and/or – a pressure of 100 Mpa to 300 MPa; air annealing at a temperature of 700 DEG C to 1200 DEG for a time period of 0.5 hours to 30 hours.

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