Freeze-form extrusion fabrication of ceramic parts

Autores: Tieshu Huang|Mason, M.S.|Hilmas, G.E.|Leu, M.C.
Fuente: Virtual and physical prototyping
1 (2), 93-100

A novel, environmentally friendly solid freeform fabrication method called freeze-form extrusion fabrication (FEF) has been developed for the fabrication of ceramic-based components. The method is based on deposition of ceramic pastes using water as the media. The ceramic solids loading can be 50 vol.% or higher and initial studies have focused on the use of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). The FEF system components and their interaction are examined, and the main process parameters affecting part geometry defined. Three-dimensional shaped components have been fabricated by extrusion deposition of the ceramic paste in a layer-by-layer fashion. The feasibility of this process has been demonstrated by building components having a simple geometry, such as cylinders and solid or hollow cones. Hollow cones have also been fabricated to demonstrate the ability to build structures with sloped walls.

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