Frost resistance and long service life porous ceramics

N. de solicitud: LT20060000057
N. de publicación: LT2006057

The invention may be used to set in wall ceramics production, designed for facade, especially operating in aggressive conditions (for example, in seaboard region). Such masonry would have small thermal conductivity coefficient and would be frost resistance and long service life. Mixture of ceramic wall production was prepared from these components: clay, sand, crashed bricks, sawdust of confiner and mill glass of windows. Samples to be shaped and burned by appropriate regime arrived ceramic body, which exploitation frost resistance are more then 300 cycles, compressive strength 13,9-19,5 Mpa, density 1502-1627 kg/m??, estimated thermal conductivity coefficient 0,37-0,42 W/mK, water absorbtion by vacuum 21,24-27,06%, reserve of pore volume 38,72-48,22%.

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