Frost resistance of clay roofing tiles: Case study

Autores: Ducman, V.|?kapin, A.S.|Radeka, M.|Ranogajec, J.
Fuente: Ceram. Int.
37 (1), 85-91

In order to give required protection of the buildings, clay roofing tiles should be resistant to freezing conditions. In the present study, clay roofing tiles were fired at different temperatures. Afterwards, direct and indirect test methods were used to evaluate their frost resistance. The direct method in standard EN 539-2 was applied, ASTM C 1167-03 was used for indirect methods, and Maage factor was calculated from Hg-porosimetry curve. It was confirmed that the temperature of firing is the main influential parameter as it affects the porosity of a ceramic body. The comparison between indirect and direct methods of prediction and test of frost resistance has also shown good correlation.

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