Functionalization of ceramic tile surface by soluble salts addition: Part 1

Autores: Bondioli, F.|Manfredini, T.|Giorgi, M.|Vignali, G.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
30 (1), 11-16

The aim of this investigation was the surface functionalization of industrial ceramic tiles by soluble salts addition to improve mechanical properties (resistance to scratch and wear) preserving the aesthetical aspect of the final product. This objective was pursued through the application of different solution of zirconium capable to be transformed in zirconia nanoparticles during the material sintering. The solutions, in different concentrations, were deposited (300 g/m2) on unglazed green tiles by air-brushing. The obtained products were polished and characterized in terms of microstructure, surface micromechanical and technological properties based on the UNI EN ISO reference rules. The final aesthetical aspect of the products and the obtained hue variation were evaluated by means of UV?vis spectroscopy and colorimetric analysis.

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